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We are basically an old school shop that still prides ourselves on great customer service. We will treat your vehicle as if it were our own. What does that mean? We will not do any repairs or billable hours any more so than if it were our own. No need to worry about unneeded repairs or major work done to your car without one of us here at Star Route Auto Service calling you first to see what direction you want to go. We are straight shooters in that we will be 100% honest with you our customers. We will keep you informed and updated as to what we find and what needs to be done. You the customer are always in the drivers seat on which direction you decide for us to proceed.


We cater to college students and you the parent. It can be very stressful to have a child leave the nest and relocate up here in the North Country to attend College. We are here to reduce that stress as much as possible. We will work with both the college student and you the parents to get repairs done quickly and at an affordable price.  You can put your faith in us that we will do everything possible to make it as stress free as possible. We can arrange payment over the phone since most parents are not in our local area. You can count on us!


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What other customers are saying:

Paul H.
Five Star

.I have been going to Star Route for car repairs since 2000, and I find them to be fair, professional and thorough. They have many times looked at my car or done minor adjustments without charge.

Edward S
Five Star

I took my vehicle there for a diagnostic review. Good quote on estimate. Ended up selling my vehicle so didn’t have the work done. Very courteous staff! Reliable place to have repairs done.

Nathaniel T
Five Star

Star Route Auto is just a friendly local car repair shop. Of course it is right down the street from us so that is a plus. Edna at the front desk is helpful and super friendly. Pat runs an honest shop and is always great to deal with. I always feel comfortable bringing my vehicles to Star Route.

Bob S
Five Star

Owner is very good to work with. Reliable repairs.